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Jackets with heating: An innovative venture to survive the winter

Low temperatures continue to threaten during the cold months of the year. Surely you already have chosen your clothes to survive the cold and not get sick of any disease. However, we must all admit that it is complicated and exhausting to have a thousand jackets to keep you warm and to take them off or put them on, depending on whether you are outside or inside the house.

However, now there is a new technology that could revolutionize your way of dressing and shelter this winter. Why? Because jackets with heating are already a reality. And winter jacket shopping for men gives you lots of option for jackets

And, besides, these jackets with heating so innovative have three levels of heat, which are: High (high) that goes from 45 to 55 ° C; medium (medium) that goes from 35 to 45 ° C and low (low) that goes from 25 to 35 ° C and work with any external USB battery with 5V output. And that’s not all, because heated jackets come with built-in gloves, special inner pocket for the external battery, and several more to store different things from people. The cuffs also have Velcro’s, closures for ventilation and with an extendable cap.

Are Jackets with heating are waterproof?

Yes. There is no need to worry about possible electrocution threats, since the controls are waterproof, in addition to having a detachable hood, internal windproof closure and a concealed port for the hearing aids, which is ideal for the most cold-blooded people or they have to work in cordilleran.

Jackets with heating are recommended by the manufacturer to have up to 8 hours of heat in the low level, the duration of the battery will depend on the level of heat used.

Women winter jackets

One can get the women winter jackets in different shades and styles. There are huge varieties of jacket for women on the online store.

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